Local Music Publisher gets Busy in 2019


Hello Friends Everywhere,
Michael Messina - Lead Guitarist has just formed a "Music Publishing" company .
The reason I have done this, is so I can recover 100 % of my royalties from online digital publishing. Otherwise, as an Artist, I will only be able to recoup about 50% of those Royalties which can be a large piece of change to throw away.
As being the person I am, I would like to extend my help to all my friends that supported me and my music over the years. I am willing to publish , promote, duplicate, manage content , and artists who struggle day to day to make ends meet. I waited and prepared for this day patiently so I can reap the benefits of any creative works that I intend to publish publicly.
Over the last 30 years or so, I have been able to amass the gear necessary to make my lifelong dream of making my own music and farming it out to the public for review.
I would like to do the same for any serious artist-composer that needs support publishing their musical or literary works. Thus, I developed a company to accomplish that dream we all hold dear in our hearts and souls. That is - creating a song that reflects our life's consciousness and lay it on the line for all to experience and enjoy !
For more info : Fill out the "Contact Form" so you can become part of a growing company and supporting the "Arts & Literary Community" at the grass roots level.
Thank You on behalf of all my fellow musician friends. Best of Luck to all of you !


Michael T Messina CEO/President "Dawn of the Tiger Publishing LLC"
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Tel : (914) - 319 - 0847
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